Terms of Trade

Terms and Conditions – the short version

  • We try at all times to conduct business as fairly as possible. We want our customers to be satisfied, to enjoy the results of our seed and to get value for money. We would like users of this site to be fair and reasonable in return and to respect our intellectual property.


The Long Version:


We Offer

  • Seed is sold variously in packets of 1000, 100, 50 or 25 seeds. The order form indicates which size of packet is available for each line. Packets of 1000 are sold from our Wholesale Order Form. There is a 10% discount on orders from the retail order form of over NZ$500. This will be applied when we charge your order. Orders are charged manually at the time of dispatch.
  • We can provide high resolution images for download on request
  • For pricing and payment terms see Seed Prices. Prices are given in New Zealand Dollars.

Your Order

  • Please keep a record of your total order value.
  • Orders are taken on a first come, first served basis.
  • Photographs are representative of the flowers grown from our seedlines and are intended as a guide only.
  • Print out the detailed propagation notes provided and with careful tending, your efforts should result in an abundance of beautiful Hybrid Delphiniums similar to those pictured in the seedline galleries and in the photo gallery.
  • Seeds are transported by air mail, enclosed in bubble wrap. We cannot accept any claims for loss or damage in transit.
  • Packages may be insured at the buyers request and cost.


Our Site

  • Your details are secure. All information entered on the orderforms is encrypted with “Secure Sockets Layer”. This encrypts or scrambles information sent from your browser to your ISP and this makes it a perfectly safe way to send confidential details online. An authentic, verified SSL Digital Security Logo  is displayed on each order form. You will also see the padlock in the status bar confirming that SSL encryption is in place and that your information is being sent safely from our order form.


  • Information provided to us on our order forms will be used only for the purpose of that transaction and will not be disclosed to a third party without your written (including emailed) prior permission.
  • When ordering you will be given the option of receiving a yearly email about our products. You may opt out of this if you choose.
  • Credit card details will not be retained for future use.


  • Seed will be dispatched weekly unless you have ordered lines marked as being available later. If you want us to send part of your order now and the rest when available please indicate this on the order form otherwise we will hold the whole order until it is all available.
  • No matter where in the world you are (except in extraordinarily remote places) you should receive your seed with two weeks of ordering.
  • Seeds are transported by air mail, enclosed in bubble wrap. We cannot accept any claims for loss or damage in transit.

Our Guarantee and Replacement Policy

  • We are proud of our delphiniums and believe them to be the very best garden delphiniums commercially available anywhere.
  • Best practice is followed from the plant right through to dispatch. They do however need a little special care from you and we have taken measures to ensure your success.
  • We regularly test our seed for germination, both in house and independently and expect that, if our storing, sowing and growing instructions available on our website, http://www.delphinium.co.nz/DelphiniumInformation.htm are followed, you should produce at least 50 good plants per 100 seeds ordered. If you do not then please let us know. We will replace the seed in question and/or assist in finding out where the problem lies. We take special care in helping you grow these plants and any complaints you may have will be treated politely, promptly and with respect.
  • We cannot however absolutely guarantee your success as this may depend on factors beyond our control.
  • The seed should be generally true to type as advertised although some colour variation should be expected. The seed is cleaned to comply with and better, international phytosanitary requirements for delphinium seed.

Our Liability

  • Our liability is limited to the purchase price of the seed only.

Use of our seed

  • Our seed is sold for the purpose of growing plants that will ultimately reach the home gardener. The use of our seed for the production of more seed for sale is not permitted unless by prior written agreement.

Refund Policy

  • If we have made a mistake in charging your credit card we will happily refund any charge to that card.


  • All content and images on this site is subject to our copyright policy. This means that:
  • Images and content may be downloaded for personal use only.
  • Written permission from Dowdeswell’s Delphiniums Ltd is required for the use of any image on this site for commercial purposes. This may be granted for specific purposes. New permission is required for subsequent uses.
  • All written material, except for these terms and conditions is copyright to Dowdeswell’s  Delphiniums Ltd and must not be published without prior written consent.
  • The use of our brand name or names, variety names or seedline names in association with delphinium seeds other than our own will be viewed as breach of copyright, trade marks and  plant variety rights as applicable.


  • If you have not been able to find the information you need to be happy to buy from our website, please email Email Terry   and we will answer your query as soon as we can.
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