Winter Sow Delphiniums

A great way to go, and easy too!.

I received an email from Sarah (in Michigan, USA) today. She has what she calls a “Black Thumb” and manages to kill off many of the seeds she sows, including our delphiniums. Well Sarah has found a great way to overcome her seed sowing problems, “winter sowing”, and has shared the method by pointing me to the following link:

And links to articles by Trudi Davidoff on the Garden Web

These articles are well thought out and follow good principles. They are well written and easy to follow. They also show how to make your own flats from recycled materials while still taking care of basic good sowing practice.

I found this information enjoyable to read and very practical. Winter sowing is an excellent way to treat delphinium seed and will assure you of the best results possible.

It is worth while noting that many of our nursery customers do, in effect, employ similar methods. They are different in detail but the combination of a chilling period and early spring germination in protected conditions applies – Way to Go!

Thank you Sarah and also Trudi Davidoff (, for such a great web site .

Terry Dowdeswell

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