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Dowdeswell's New Millennium Delphiniums grow successfully in Yukon, British Colombia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec New Brunswick and Nova Scotia.

Dowdeswell's Delphiniums have a very special link with Canada generally and British Colombia in particular. Gardeners in Canada were among the first to grow our New Millennium Delphiniums. They found them extremely hardy, strong and with bolder and more variety of colour than other strains. They grew them again, and again and again, and still do.

One of the first people to "find" our delphiniums was someone in Dawson Creek, northern BC. That someone was Anne Cooke. Anne and her friend Anita came to visit our delphinium farm during a trip to New Zealand and that was the start of a great friendship. It was also the start of a great delphinium garden. We've visited Anne and Anita a couple of times since then and it's wonderful to be able to see the results of our breeding being so proudly displayed and giving so much pleasure.

So yes, New Millennium Delphiniums will grow well in Canada. They are hardy to minus 40Deg (the same in both Fahrenheit and Centigrade) and so, with a little care, can be grown successfully throughout the country. They have also been selected to withstand higher temperature than other strains too. We even have customers who grow them as annuals and sometime perennials in Florida! This is how we know they are also more suited to areas with higher summer temperatures than other delphiniums may tolerate.

Where in Canada can you see them?

The Butchart Gardens in Victoria on Vancouver Island BC, Plant Paradise Country Gardens in Toronto and Minter Gardens, also in BC, all grow our delphiniums exclusively, having discarded other strains. New Millennium Delphiniums are not (to my knowledge) in other public gardens in Canada..... yet! If you know of any, please let me know too.

Plants are available from better garden centres and you can track these down through the Heritage Horticulture dealer locator here. If they are not in stock I'm sure they will get them in for you. There are also other suppliers of our plants in Canada and if you have trouble locating them please drop us a line (see email link below). We'll be glad to help. If you are a supplier and want to be on our supplier list, please contact us. Seed may, of course, be purchased directly from us via the Dowdeswell's Delphiniums website. Order seed here and it will be with you soon!

Tips for growing delphiniums in the Toronto area, from Lorraine Roberts, Plant Paradise Country Gardens:

The weather in Caledon is only a few degrees cooler in the summer with about the same humidity as Toronto. The main difference is that they bloom earlier in Toronto. Here the peak bloom period is usually been the first two weeks of July. Adding composted cow manure each year in the spring works the best for moisture retention and nutrients. Toronto does not get as much snow coverage all winter as we do in Caledon, so the addition of an organic mulch in the winter would also be beneficial.

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