About New Millennium Delphiniums

About New Millennium Delphiniums

The delphiniums we breed and offer for sale are primarily Delphinium elatum types. That is the tall majestic English Delphinium Hybrid. These should have a minimum sepal (commonly called petals) count of thirteen, and will probably have a central "bee" of small petals. They are generally regarded as far superior to "Pacific Giants" and many other commercially available "packet" seed types.

Gardeners throughout the world love delphiniums but relatively few realise how easy it is to grow the or what a wonderful range of form and colour is available.

It is our aim to promote delphiniums in the gardens of the world and through the breeding programmes of ourselves and others, select strains suited to as wide a variety of conditions as possible.

We are marketing the very best of our new hybrids and seedlines under the name New Millennium Delphiniums. Cloned plants are available only in New Zealand at this stage, but our seedlines are available to all.

Our best mother stock is used for hand crossing to produce F1 seed. This seed gives plants of excellent form and colour. As well as flower quality, we are selecting for plants that tolerate mild humid conditions.