Probably the best reward for us, as a plant breeder, is receiving reports from people who are blown away with the results from plants that we have bred.

When these reports come from gardeners, commercial growers, open to public gardens, the public generally, garden writers and critics, not just from our home country of New Zealand but from the USA, Canada, England, Russia, indeed from all over the world, it is especially gratifying.

From the Nursery Industry

From Carol Madsen C&C Nursery Vancouver Island, BC ".... Also my old customers tell me that THEIR customers come back to tell them how amazing these plants are in their 2nd and 3rd year NM's  are amazing--seriously we may have lost--less than 10 plants out of thousands."

From Garden Blogs and Magazines

Allan Becker Gardenguru "I had a love-hate relationship with Delphiniums for as long as I have been gardening. I stopped growing them many years ago. That was due to never having the time to give these awesome plants the attention they deserve. Now, I am ready to reconsider, but not for using the good old favourite, Pacific Giant Hybrids, which are not good, not my favourite, just old. I wish to experiment with a new robust strain called New Millennium. Word is out that this new collection has an extended life. That is hard to believe, but it’s an incentive to try growing Delphinium, again."

And a comment to Allan's blog post: "Allan, I've been growing New Millennium delphinium for several years (you're looking at them in my blog header photo); I'm lucky to have a local nursery that grows them from seed. I have been very happy with them and have found them much easier and longer lasting than older varieties. In my garden, they usually bloom twice in the season. They are still delphinium, though, and some years I will just lose some of them. I will reiterate your point about feeding them; I've found I need to feed them early in the season and then again after the first blooming." Jean, March 2, 2010

From Master Gardener Magazine Winter 2010 – “New Millenniums have proven to be far more robust and vigorous plants (than Pacific Giants)” – Wendy Tweten, Garden writer. “It became clear that these plants were excellent performers and they were vigorous and healthy and produced an abundance of long lasting blooms” – Rick Los Director of Horticulture for Butchart Gardens

From Toni in Bend Oregon

I sent you a letter and some pictures last year of the beautiful delphiniums I purchased from you and raised. This year, they outdid themselves and were spectacular. Some of the deep blue and purple ones reached 8 feet tall! I'll send some pictures so you can see them. My granddaughter is in one of the pictures so you can see how tall they are! Many people drive by and look at them, and some people stop and ask for a closer look. They marvel at the sheer size and brilliant color. The flowers create quite a sensation. Thank you for much for making this possible!”


From Susan in Seattle

"You can see how much pleasure your beautiful plants bring me and my neighbours. The health and color of these plants is incomparable to anything people can buy or grow from US seed around here."