If I save seed from your delphiniums, will it breed true?

Generally, delphiniums do not grow true to seed. We can grow consistent seedlines only by crossing certain parent plants. Those parent plant crosses have been tested over many years for colour consistency, germination and vigour. However, any seedlings you raise from the seed that you have collected will be a different version of one or more of its parent – it should still be a beautiful plant – but it won’t look the same as your original plant.

Why do your seeds cost more than other delphinium seed brands?

We have more than 20 years of selection, breeding, testing and growing that goes into the selection of our parent clone stock and the seed crosses that we offer for sale. Each female plant is individually hand pollinated, which is very time consuming. The seed is later harvested and individually hand cleaned and screened by our seed experts – also very time consuming. We believe that all this work gives you a superior plant in all ways to that of the common delphiniums and larkspur that are available from general seed companies but the cost of that is reflected in its price.

 When should I sow the seed?

You can either sow your seed in Autumn (Fall), mid winter or in Spring. If you sow in Autumn then you will have a small plant to overwinter, either in the garden or in a cold frame. If left outdoors over winter we recommend leaving the plants in pots and covering them with plenty of mulch etc to protect the plants from the worst frosts. Mid winter sowing is a good option too. The trade off is that you will not get flowers until late summer whereas a fall sowing will give you blooms by mid summer.

Do you sell your plants overseas?

We do not sell our plants overseas but we have a number of plant nurseries who do grow and sell our plants in USA, Canada, United Kingdom and Europe. Click here for a list of those suppliers.

How high will your delphiniums grow?

We don’t give specific heights, only comparative ones, as their height varies greatly according to how you grow them and where they are grown. If you give them plenty of space, they will grow strong but not as tall as if you crowd them. If you give them perfect conditions they will grow taller than if they are kept short of food and water. Generally, whites and pinks tend to be shorter than blues and purples. However, we have collected some lines that tend to be shorter or taller and put them in our specialist mixes.

Do your delphiniums require any special treatment?

All our delphinium seeds come with a list of tips and tricks for successful growing of your delphiniums.