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Please note: We can sell to New Zealand customers only!

We sell our plants by the boxful.

Seedlines are plants grown from our seed raised crosses which are the results of our years of breeding to select the best hybrid seed crosses that we can produce. Our Seedlines come in two pot sizes: 0.5L ('Starter' plants) or 1.1L('Advanced' plants). 

Clones are plants from our breeding stock, reproduced from cuttings and are exclusive to our nursery. Clones only come in 1.1L pots and are one year old plants.

Plant sizes:

Starter plants (0.5L) are smaller grade seedlines. These will flower before Christmas with a central stem and should flower again with 3 or 4 stems in late summer/early autumn.

Advanced plants (1.1L) (seedlines) are usually 1 year old plants. They should establish faster than our Starter plants, and should flower before Christmas and again in late summer/early autumn. They have already had their central stem removed so their first flower flush should be multi-stemmed.

Starter plants:

We ship our plants in purpose made boxes. As such, we can only ship a certain number of plant combinations in each sized box.

We can't safely ship partly filled boxes.

Starter plants: We sell these in multiples of 9, 12 or 25 plants;

Advanced plants: We sell these in multiples of 4, 6 and 10 plants;

Mixed combinations: Box of 5: 3 x Starter and 2 x Advanced; and complete boxes of Starter Plants and Advanced plants (eg 1 x 4 Advanced and 1 x 9 Starter).              

      Advanced plant  1.1L      Starter plant 0.5L 


Shipping costs are calculated by the box and range from $14 per box to $24 per box nationwide. Shipping costs are calculated at Checkout.

We don't ship until Mid August as our plants are winter dormant and spring is the best time to transplant delphiniums. Our webshop is open from May to late October and you are welcome to pre-purchase from May until August when we start shipping. We have limited numbers of Clones available and these often sell out well in advance, so if you have your heart set on a Clone then we advise you to pre-purchase promptly. We fill all orders on a 'first come, first served' basis. We close our webshop for plant sales from late October as our delphiniums get too tall to fit easily in a box and don't transport so readily.

We no longer accept any cheques as our bank has stopped accepting cheques from 1 July.

Substitutions: We will assume that a substitution is acceptable in the event that your initial plant choice is unavailable, unless you indicate otherwise in the Note section at Checkout. We will substitute a plant of a similar colour and size where possible or contact you to discuss an acceptable alternative. 

Our Box sizes and prices are set out below. The easiest way to select  your box is to decide on your plant size, how many plants you want  to purchase, and then the plants to fill your box. We have put multiple combinations in place depending on how you like to search (type of plant or grade size or a combination of both) and a carousel of seedlines and clones. You can  buy more than one  box - just repeat the process  until  you have the plant numbers of combinations that you want.

If you have any problems using the webshop, please feel free to contact us using the 'contact us' button.

Happy Shopping!